Tailor-made luxury yachts

ILC Yachts produces high quality yachts that combine technology with luxury, always guaranteeing high levels of customisation. We offer boats with an original and detailed design, studied and planned according to the needs and preferences of each client.


Our luxury yachts are equipped with the latest generation of electronically-controlled engine systems, which provide improved manoeuvrability, reduced noise and vibration levels, as well as ensuring remarkable fuel efficiency – up to 25% less.

Our bespoke yachts are equipped with joystick driving, a functional feature that offers comfortable driving with easy manoeuvring and one-handed steering at all speeds. When joystick driving is activated, the autopilot is also activated, which constantly maintains the pre-set course. On board there is no lack of technical accessories (including a GPS navigation system with chartplotter), the best lighting and efficient safety systems.

At the Italian Luxury Custom Yachts yard there are no identical products: each luxury yacht is different and unique. Each project can be customised in terms of size, performance, technical characteristics and interior and exterior design. It can also be further optimised through the implementation of innovative and functional add-ons.


You choose the size

Customised yachts designed by ILC Yachts do not have a fixed size: it is the customer who chooses the size and shape he prefers. Whatever size is requested can become the size of the yacht built. We can design and build yachts of any size, from 40-metre megayachts to small or medium-sized luxury yachts of 10-15 metres.

When it comes to size there are no limits to customisation: our planners and designers always know how to cooperate in the best possible way to create a unique and exclusive yacht. After a consultancy and pre-planning phase, a detailed drawing can be drawn up, and then the interior design can be carried out.

Even inside, each customer can choose how to divide the spaces and what size they should be. For example, they can request a larger or smaller owner’s cabin, more than one sleeping area or several VIP cabins, and to separate the rooms according to their needs and preferences.

Bespoke design

Customised exterior design and construction

ILC Yachts offers made-to-measure yachts, guaranteeing numerous possibilities for customisation, also with regard to the external areas. The client can choose the size of the footprint and the appearance of the outdoor areas, always benefiting from the support and advice of expert planners and designers.

The stern is already one of the most exclusive areas of our yachts. In fact, it is designed to open up and let the handrails come up, creating a sort of private beach on the sea. The stern is also equipped with an electric lowering tender, safety ladders and a hydraulic gangway. We fit our yachts with technical teak flooring and durable, quality upholstery. Each of our yachts has a hull designed and engineered for maximum reliability and low consumption.

The entire exterior area can be customised with custom engine systems and also by implementing additional components. It can also be customised from an aesthetic and lighting point of view, adding functional accessories and prestigious and exclusive finishes.

Interior design

Interior design su misura

Every luxury yacht must be beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. That’s why we offer fully furnished interiors with every comfort. Our yachts boast complete and functional kitchens, owner’s cabin and VIP cabin with separate bathrooms, large wardrobes and open windows instead of portholes that allow light to enter and make the rooms brighter.

The interior design is completely customisable, as it is possible to choose the type of furniture, the colours, the woods, the layout and finishes, the colour of the walls and panelling. You can insert different accessories and complements according to your specific needs and preferences. This customisation is available for the sleeping area, the kitchen and any common areas. In this way you can create excellent, unique, exclusive and pleasant environments from every point of view.

The interiors can be customised in every corner: it is possible to design a made-to-measure layout and separation of spaces, but also to insert other cabins in the sleeping area. Our customers can decide on the type of lighting and luxury accessories they want, from mega-screen TVs to LCD TVs of all sizes, right up to the activation of Wi-Fi internet connection and the inclusion of an indoor and outdoor stereo system.


Some of our latest

Over the years, ILC Yachts has designed numerous luxury yachts, all of which have a unique and highly prestigious interior design. We present some of our recent achievements.

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Sailing is a lifestyle that deserves to be enhanced by climbing aboard the perfect yacht. ILC Yachts can design a custom-made, prestigious and exclusive yacht for you, which will allow you to sail in an environmentally friendly way, without ever having to give up luxury and deserved comfort on board.