Customised aluminium yachts


How we work

ILC Yachts designs and manufactures customised luxury yachts using only the highest quality materials and components. For construction we use racing techniques and a noble material such as aluminium instead of fibreglass (GRP). This allows us to build safe, durable yachts with an exclusive aesthetic impact.

Everything starts with a meticulous project, studied and diversified considering needs and preferences and valuing the smallest detail. Only when the design is perfect in every part will we move on to the next phase. Every luxury yacht we design is carefully checked and tested before delivery to the client. We meet the deadlines and ensure quality results.

Our materials

Why we use aluminium

We chose this noble metal because it has so many special features and technical characteristics that we cannot underestimate. It is easy to machine and at the same time it is 100% safe. It is a robust material that guarantees maximum safety on board, even in the event of a collision. Aluminium does not burn, which makes it even safer in the event of a fire.

This material allows luxury yachts to be designed with levels of customisation that would be unthinkable if fibreglass were used. It allows you to build yachts of any size and to take care of the exterior as well as the interior in detail. Every part of the design can be customised, giving personality, character and uniqueness to the whole boat.


Other advantages of aluminium

We also chose aluminium because it is completely recyclable: it can be reused without difficulty and can also be disposed of quickly and cheaply. In a few years’ time, the numerous yachts in circulation made of GRP will become obsolete, and disposing of them all will be a real problem. This will not happen with aluminium.

Preferring megayachts or small luxury aluminium yachts means owning a real jewel in every respect. ILC Yachts designs and proposes only high class, high quality yachts, which can sail in an environmentally friendly way, without ever having to renounce luxury and optimal on-board comfort.

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Sailing is a lifestyle that deserves to be enhanced by climbing aboard the perfect yacht. ILC Yachts can design a custom-made, prestigious and exclusive yacht for you, which will allow you to sail in an environmentally friendly way, without ever having to give up luxury and deserved comfort on board.