Italian Luxury Custom Yacht

ILC Yachts has been designing and building fully TAILOR MADE commissioned luxury yachts for many years. We design and produce aluminium yachts, with exclusive customisation from the hull to the interior fittings. ILC Yachts is not just a brand: it is a true philosophy of life at sea. 

ILC Yachts

About Us

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Customised luxury yacht

Tailor-made yachts

Italian Luxury Custom Yachts produces high quality yachts, equipped with a high-performance waterline combined with various motorisation solutions, which combine technology with luxury. Each time we propose original and detailed designs, studied and planned according to the needs and preferences of each owner, but also able to exceed expectations.

We always guarantee high levels of customisation: each of our clients can choose to diversify every single feature of their boat. From the colour to the design, from the essences of the interior furnishings to the layout of the cabins, from the equipment to the implementation of additional components, there are no identical solutions in the ILC Yachts yard. Each of our luxury yachts is different and unique.

About us

Aluminium yacht

We have chosen to design and build luxury yachts in aluminium because it is the noble metal par excellence in yacht construction. It guarantees strength, durability and allows us to build yachts with an exclusive aesthetic impact. Aluminium is strong and easy to work with, and it is 100% safe, even in the event of a collision or fire.

This material is eco-friendly, as it can be recycled without difficulty. It ensures high levels of customisation, unthinkable with fibreglass, which allows us to design luxury yachts of all sizes and to take care of the exterior as well as the interior in detail. The design of your new yacht can be customised in every part, giving personality, character and uniqueness to the entire vessel.

Tailor-made yachts

Why choose us

Choosing ILC Yachts means being able to count on experienced professionals who will put their know-how and experience in the sector at the service of your desires. Our company can help you navigate aboard your ideal vessel, guaranteeing customised design and construction. We use the best materials and components, value precious details and elegant accessories.

Our planners and designers can create for you a luxury yacht that will stand out for its thoughtful design, character and uniqueness, as well as its performance and speed. ILC Yachts yachts are pure comfort and technology, the result of the best design combined with high quality.


Quality and excellence

We offer our customers only excellent, high-quality designs. We use the most prestigious materials and components with the intention of offering unique yachts and maximum comfort on board.

100% Aluminium

For the production of our yachts we have chosen a noble, high-performance and safe material that is both light and strong. Aluminium allows us to create custom-made boats that can last and perform well.

100% Custom

At the ILC Yachts yard, no boat is identical. Each one has its own personality and characteristics. Each of our luxury yachts is customised in every part, following the requests and wishes of the client.

100% Made in Italy

Our yachts boast all the quality of Made in Italy. Every material and component, every piece of furniture and furnishing accessory boasts unmistakable and exclusive characteristics that only products from our territory can boast.

Tailor-made luxury yachts

Our models?

We have no standard models, there is no range. Each boat is custom designed and created according to the needs of our clients. It is always the client who chooses the size and shape he prefers: we can design and build 40-metre yachts or small or medium-sized luxury boats of 10-15 metres. Each project can be customised in terms of performance, technical characteristics and interior and exterior design.

The exterior can be customised by changing the size, shape, colours and width of the walkable area. The stern can also be made even more prestigious, designed to open up and create a sort of private beach on the sea. On the inside, too, each owner can choose how to divide up the spaces and what size the various cabins should be. He can ask for a larger or smaller owner’s cabin and more VIP cabins.


Our planners and designers are at the client’s complete disposal to create a unique and exclusive yacht. After a careful consultation, in which we take note of your wishes, needs and preferences, it is only a matter of time before you can start sailing your luxury yacht that will exceed your expectations.

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Sailing is a lifestyle that deserves to be enhanced by climbing aboard the perfect yacht. ILC Yachts can design a custom-made, prestigious and exclusive yacht for you, which will allow you to sail in an environmentally friendly way, without ever having to give up luxury and deserved comfort on board.


Some of our latest

ILC Yachts has been building and designing contract yachts, both pleasure and work boats, for over 30 years. With our line of high performance yachts we have brought something unique and prestigious to the market.